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What does your child say about Maths & Science?

Physics is so hard!

I think I am bad at it.

I don't like Maths.

I hate Chemistry.

I don't understand anything, Mum!

We understand that subjects such as Maths and Science may be giving you or your children a hard time at school. We see children giving up hope to achieve good grades because of a loss of self-confidence. Sometimes, they end up hating these subjects for life and believe they weren’t simply good at them. 

But, that is hardly the truth. 

At Tutor Science, we don’t just help students prepare for their exams but also find ways to make learning enjoyable for them. We want students to enjoy their way towards getting the grade that they actually deserve. 


Our goal is to change the perception of students towards Maths and Science. One amongst many of our initiatives to develop the curiosity in children for Science is our latest program called ScienceIt.


We aim to  provide you only the best of the tutors who share our passion towards our goal. Our tutors are personally selected by us to ensure that you or your child gets the best quality of education. Forget the long search for a good tutor online. Tutor Science does the searching for you. 


To find out more, get in touch with our dedicated team and ask as many questions as you would like! They would be happy to answer them all.

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