Key Stage 3

Students struggle when they move from primary to secondary school as everything they knew changes very fast and some students find it hard to adapt. The change in the environment brings a number of challenges. Students will have to study more and get better organization skills to stay on top of their workloads and yet be able to enjoy their free time as teenagers.


Sometimes the change of the environment is harder for some individuals and that can affect their effectiveness on the subjects for which they will be examined. Hiring a private tutor for your children will be helpful at this early stage as the tutor will boost the student’s confidence and provide guidance to organize the workload and become more efficient.


Our team of tutors have a great experience of working with teenagers and have a range of teaching techniques to trigger the curiosity of our students.  We have a proven record of making new students adapt fast to the workload of their new school year and be productive in very short time.


Feel free to contact us and we can discuss your particular requirements and we can provide a range of tutors that will be suitable for you.