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Go Global In French

Online language learning with trusted, expert French Teachers.


We are a team of highly experienced, qualified and sought after teachers. Our client base ranges from financial institutions, government departments, embassies, the media, law, accountancy and insurance firms.


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 Connie Studies 

Hello ! I’m Connie Studies, a study blogger from the UK. I share regular tips and tricks on study related topics on my Instagram @connie.studies.


My dream is to one day get into Cambridge University to study Philosophy. Join me on my study journey @connie.studies



Hello! My name is Sahana and I’m a 14 year old Malaysian blogger and influencer. 

I regularly post about my studies and hobbies on social media, and I often share tips on note-taking, focusing on work, how to study effectively and lots more!

If you’d like to see more of my work, feel free to join my growing community on Instagram called @studylahh