As a cumulative race, human beings have come a very long way from discovering fire to inventing the latest technologies that make our lives easier. We are rapidly advancing with new discoveries every day and the credit goes to Science. 

It is important to us as a society that we ingrain our children with a curiosity for Science as our future depends on them. When parents notice that their children are struggling with Science at school, it is usually the teaching methods that are to blame. 

At Tutor Science, we adapt our teaching methodologies to the need of every individual student to develop an understanding of the needed concepts and eliminating the fear of the subject. Be it Chemistry or Physics, our tutors have immense experience in transferring their passion and knowledge for Science to the students.

Through the feedback of our students during their initial sessions, we realized that students found it hard to follow the lessons at school due to the routine teaching methods that heavily relied on following the textbooks to a large extent. While this approach might work for some students, it has little to no impact on developing a curiosity for Science in most other students.

We believe that it is important for children to like Science to be able to achieve excellent grades in competitive stages such as the GSCE and A-level. Our tutors take immense care to nurture curiosity towards Science in our students and use proven teaching methodologies that allow students to achieve their academic goals without the stress and worry.

Reach out to us today if you or your children need a boost in your confidence to excel in Science at school.