Maths IRL

Exam season is approaching and we guess everyone’s got their schedules jam packed. We wish you a very berry all the best for your exams! We know you have heard this before from us but don’t stress out and study till dawn. Relax and give your best!

So, let’s get to the actual thing. Maths. The ever so complex numbers and letters flying around….you’ll no longer need to bother with it once you are out of school? We mean, where would you actually need to refer to sin cos tan after school, right? Right? Wrong.

Bad news: It’s everywhere. Its running our world.

Good news: It’s not as complex as we think.

So, let’s see where you might see eye to eye with Maths in real life. Some of these might be obvious and some of these might be things you already do but didn’t know that Maths was involved. Here we go!

1. Weather

Go ahead and say “Alexa,what’s the weather like?” and she’ll tell you there’s 51% chance of rain today in your area. Then you wonder, what does it mean? 51%? Will it rain for sure or not? Ugh.

The name of the game is probability. Since weather forecasters cannot exactly predict the weather, they use probability to find the odds of rain and sunshine. In this case, the forecaster looked at similar days like today in the past and has determined that it is as likely as 51% that it will rain today. Read the maths behind it here.

2. Shopping Discounts

You, us and everyone wants to get the best price. So, head out and see that you get 20% student discount in a store. Yes, maths is here again. Don’t be so quick to whip out your phone and use the calculator though. You can easily do this in your head, while you browse around the store.

3. Baking

Your birthday cake wouldn’t be very yummy if the person who made it didn’t want to do anything with Maths. Guess, to win the The Great British Bake Off, you’ll have to understand a thing or two about numbers. Here’s how to win with Maths.

4. Time and Scheduling

You’ll have to figure out when you should begin your study session to make sure you watch the game on telly sharp at 8 pm. Whether you realise or not, you are doing basic maths in your head. Yes, you should begin at quarter to 5 pm. You just used fractions, bazinga!

5. Sports

To decide for yourself whether the cup is coming home or not, you need Maths. No, we are not kidding. Most sports, such as football, require a basic understanding of speed, angles and shapes. If you are a football fan, you might have already figured that out but if you want to read some actual research on it, read here.

Maths has so many more real life applications and the list is not exhaustive. You don't have to know them all but all you need to know is that there is no reason to be scared of it. We'll see you next time with another informative blog post. Meanwhile, remember what we said. Don't stress and give your best!