A Student’s Block: Is it real?

You might have heard of a writer’s block, a phase that even the most avid of writers go through several times in their career. A phase where they suffer from a lack of motivation to write, a lack of inspiration to come up with new works and a lack of self-confidence that undermines their past literary achievements.

But have you heard of a student’s block? A phase that pretty much every student goes through, at least once in a year. A phase where the student has little to no motivation to put effort into studying and has a lack of academic agenda on mind. Some might say that the student is just being lazy, which could be a part of the reason but not the only reason.

It is the time when exams are pretty much around the corner. The half term was meant to be a refreshment break for those who have already studied hard all year. And, it was meant to be a catch up break for those who have slacked until now.

Either way, it is a perfect time to scan yourself to detect any presence of a student’s block. Instead of just labeling yourself as lazy, why not dig deeper to find the root cause of your lack of motivation in studies? Ask yourself these following questions and the answers that arise might help you to address the issue.

1) Is the lack of motivation for all subjects or just one or two subjects in particular?

Most students dislike a certain subject due to several reasons. Their dislike often leads to their lack of motivation to study for the subject and hence, leads to poor grades. Ask yourself what is it about the subject you dislike and why is that the case. Get help from your teacher or tutor about addressing this issue.

2) Is your lack of motivation because of a long list of pending topics you have not revised yet?

Okay, so you procrastinated studying for a subject for some time and now, you have a long list of topics you are not familiar with. The list increases as the time passes and now, you panic just by thinking about catching up with the subject. Relax, it is not the end of the world. The damages are done, but your grades are not doomed yet. Make a list of all the topics you are not familiar with and mark them in the order of their relevance and revise them in that order only. Some minor topics can be left out to revise in the future when you have spare time.

3) Is the lack of motivation because of the lack of time?

Yes, it is entirely possible to freak out about how much studying you still have to do within the time that you have and….end up not studying at all. This is as real as a student’s life can get. If you are finding yourself procrastinating because of this, you need to break this cycle and prepare a sustainable study schedule.

Our next blog article will be about time management for students and be sure to check it out.

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