How to be Organized while Studying - Joy Studies

Guest Post by Joy Studies

Hello everyone! I am Joy and I am known as @Joysstudiess on Instagram! Recently, I started revising for my exams and I realized that the key to successful studying and revising sessions is organization. This is the reason why I decided to write an article about how to stay organized while studying and, as a result, succeed! So, without a further ado, let's start!

First of all, I believe that you all know how important folders are for a student. You can use them in various ways to store documents, practice sheets, tests, handouts etc. But, even when using folders, a student can be messy. The best way to use folders is to name them and use one for every different thing you need to store. For instance, name a folder "Practice Sheets" and use it only to store practice sheets. A better way is color coding. For example, use a red folder for handouts, a green for tests etc. What is more, you can organize your documents based on the subject each one is about and use a different color for each subject.

The color-coding method can be applied to your notebooks as well. An extra tip is to use the same color for both the folder and the notebook and the folder, e.g. pink notebook and pink folder for Chemistry. This will make it easier for you to stay organized and separate your stuff. Moreover, you will save a lot of time while studying, because it will be easier to find the notebook or the folder you need each time. No more lost time in searching, more time for studying!

Have you ever thought of using a desk organizer? At first, I thought of it as something useless, but then one of my classmates gifted me one for my birthday. All I have to say is that it is a life saver, especially if you are so messy that you tend to lose things! By using a desk organizer, all your studying tools are in display and are so easy to store, save and grab when you need them! However, if you share your room and don't want your things to be broken or ruined (the struggle of little siblings is real!) a good solution is to keep your things in a box. Transparent boxes which are already separated on the inside are ideal!

This one is for the stationery hoarders. I find myself guilty of this as well! If you have a lot of stationery items, you know that there are many times when you can't find that specific highlighter you are looking for. A way to solve this problem is to separate your stationery by category. In other words, use a different cup for your pens, another for your pencils, another for your highlighters etc. This will also help you find what you need while studying, without losing any time or focus.

That's a wrap! I hope you guys enjoyed my article and found valuable information! Thanks a lot to Tutor Science for collaborating with me and letting express my ideas and opinions, helping lots of students at the same time.

Love always,