Balancing School & Life

Often young adults are made to believe that they have it quite easy for them.

“All they need to do is study and get good grades. They don’t have other responsibilities like the adults”, says Sheila, mother of an 11 year old daughter.

While Sheila is right to an extent, the pressures on young adults are real. Juggling various things to do with friends, family and school, children are subjected to immense mental stress these days. At Tutor Science, we believe that successful education should not come at the cost of a child’s happiness. Hence, we bring forth few suggestions for young adults to help them balance all aspects of their life.

1) Don’t keep your concerns to yourself

As children grow older, it is common for them to stop sharing everything with their parents. But bottling your thoughts and concerns within you is not advisable. If there is something that is troubling you, learn to share it with a teacher, parent or a peer you trust.

2) Maintain a journal or a diary

Bursting with many thoughts about many things, our mind is a chaotic place. It is quite helpful to jot down those thoughts once a day to clear your head, making way for new ideas to come forth. It is hard to be creative with school projects and assignments when your mind is ruminating with the same old thoughts.

3) Have a schedule

Lives of students are busy, period. Aiming to meet deadlines for half a dozen of things at a time is tough. Which is why, we recommend you to mark the dates down in a physical or a digital calendar. Keep yourself accountable by also adding a daily or weekly to-do list to that calendar.

4) Set aside ‘Me-Time’

That’s right, your time. You can’t always be studying like Jack. All work, no play has made Jack a very dull boy. You need do other things with your time that have nothing to do with school and extracurricular activities. No, attending piano lessons that your parents signed you up for is not me-time. But sitting down to play a game you like or paint or even watch your favourite TV show is. Find out what makes you cheer up and find time to do it every now and then.

5) Don’t ride with the highs and lows

Life for everyone, irrespective of their age, is anything but constant. Every day will not be the same and why should it be? Some days are full of joy and some days are dreadfully boring or sad or full of work. Some days you get everything you want and some days you can be left disappointed.

But the secret to win at life, no matter how old you are, is to not let the highs get too high and not let the lows get too low. Get yourself a happy-go-lucky outlook to life, its free!

When you grow older, memories from school days will be some of the best memories of your life. Cherish them while you can and don’t fret about that assignment you need to finish in 2 days. You’ll get it done, trust us!