Beat the Back to School Blues

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Back to school blues

After a great summer, most students have returned back to their world of routines. With the new school year comes new challenges and we totally understand why students don't want the summer break to end.

However, a little motivation and new study merchandise should get you through the initial blues of the back to school season. After that, you will start sailing through the new year before you know it. So here are few suggestions Tutor Science has to get you through the first few weeks of the new school year.....

wake up school

1) Don't fret about getting back to your sleep schedule

We know that you had plenty of late nights and fell out of your 'early-to-bed' schedule during the summer break. If you didn't, keep it up champ. But if you did, don't stress about going to sleep early. As the days go, your body will set its clock right mostly by itself. You get more worked up during the day when in school and your body will get adjusted to the schedule. The more tired you start getting during the day, you'll notice that you would want to hit the bed earlier.

school supplies

2) Get your tools ready

A carpenter can't do much without his toolkit, so can't a student without his/her stationery set. The new school year is a perfect excuse to indulge in some new goodies. Retail therapy can be a good answer to you back-to-school blues and this time, its justified.

We highly recommend investing in a planner. If you are looking for a no-fuss and minimalist one, we suggest the A5 Planner by Lemone. Fancy a fancy one? Make your days truly golden with the Life Organiser by Rachel Ellen. Even the Life Book Diary by Boxclever Press gets our love. For the lazy ones out there, the 10-Minute Planner is the final choice. It's got all the hard work is pre-done for you and plenty motivational statements thrown in there to keep you on track.

Notebooks wise, the Studygram community considers the Whitelines notebook as a holy grail. For a budget friendly option, we suggest the Oxford Campus notebooks as they've got superior paper quality and they can be used with Scribzee. And ofcourse, you need something to scribble with in the notebooks. We recommend these Fineliner Pens by Tomaxis to get you started. For highlighters, the ones by Stabilo Boss are very reliable.

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3) Take note of the important dates

Most teachers will inform you about the future test dates during the first weeks of school. So, make good use of the planner by noting down all the test dates, assignment deadlines and event days. Definitely don't forget to mark the holiday dates to help you look forward to something fun.

After you've got all the dates noted down, the planner will keep you reminded of the deadlines and save you from being a deer caught in headlights when there is one day left for the big test.

new school hobby

4)Create a new ritual

Humans are a creature of habit. For most of us, we feel the best when everything is certainty bound. The first few weeks of the new school year are the perfect time to start a new ritual around your study schedule. We wholeheartedly encourage you to discover new things you might like such as a new sport or a new hobby but we also encourage you to re-discover things you already like and ensure you get enough time to enjoy them.

Sit down one evening and think about what you want a regular school weekday to look like. Make the most of the out of school hours by planning activities ahead. Then, think about what you want the weekend to look like. Perhaps you could plan a regular activity with your family. How about 'having crepes with your sibling every Saturday evening'? No matter which activities you choose, don't force yourself to like them because you will give up on your ritual soon if you are not enjoying it.

new friends

5)Lastly, try making new friends

We know, easier said than done. But new friends don't appear out of thin air. Strike a small talk with some new people and you never know, you might end up talking about so many things that have nothing to do with the weather. Unlike Maths, there is no one formula than you can use to get a friend but we definitely suggest being more open to new conversations and new activities. If you are taking a new hobby class, we are sure you can make at least one new friend there.

That's a wrap, here. We love it when we get feedback from our students. So, do drop us an email at if you have found any of the above suggestions helping you out.



A5 Planner by Lemone

Life Organiser by Rachel Ellen

Life Book Diary by Boxclever Press

10-Minute Planner

Whitelines Notebooks

Oxford Campus Notebooks

Fineliner Pens by Tomaxis

Stabilo Boss Highlighters