How to Make Study Sessions Interesting?

The dreadful feeling that you get….when you remember that you need to study but, there are so many other interesting things you could be doing instead. Such as, catching up with the latest season of Doctor Who on Netflix or playing a quick round of the game you are obsessed with at the moment.

However, you know that if you don’t study now, you will be faced with a monster-sized dread on the exam day. So, you decide to drag your feet towards your books and begin your ever so boring study session.

But have you ever asked yourself as to why does it need to be boring? We upgrade so many things in our lives and make them better. Then, why can’t we upgrade our study sessions? What can we do to make studying enticing? What can we do to our study sessions that make us not want to postpone them as much as we do? Read on then!

1) Use Gamification

If you are gaming fan, use your passion to your advantage. The thrill of scoring points, climbing up the points chart, searing through various levels….ever thought of bringing over all of that to your study sessions? Manually or by using an app, the choice is yours but the end result will definitely be something of use to you.

Dictate points for every study related task. The more tasks you accomplish, the more points you acquire. If you want to take it to the next level, add monetary value to points….100 points could be a £1, it is up to you. Set that money aside from your pocket and use it to buy that truly bring you joy, that too without buyer’s guilt.

2) Rethink Your Study Space

Without breaking the bank, your study space definitely can get an upgrade. Head to your local budget stores for some cute stationery supplies and study décor. At the end of the day, you are more motivated to do something when you are in an environment you like. If you have a desk, place it as close to the window as you possibly can.

Enrich your study space not just visually but also using music. Instrumental or classical music is known to be the least distracting music and it brings another dimension to your session. Choose the music that works the best for you and keep it accessible. It might sound unconventional, but if you have low confidence when it comes to studying a particular subject, listening to battle music while studying for it can make you feel better.

3) Avoid Calling or Making It a Routine

Our brains love and hate familiarity. Being in familiar situations makes it feel safe. However, familiarity breeds boredom like mould breeds on stale bread. Yuck!

You found your best study music playlist. Your desk looks great. You even used gamification. After a month, your study sessions go back to being boring again. What must have gone wrong? You settled and made it your routine, that is what went wrong. We highly suggest that you switch up your study sessions like the DJ switches music in the club. Find new study ideas you like and keep switching in between.

Again, none of this has to be expensive or make your parents furious with your demands. In fact, the more DIY creative you get with your study supplies, the more motivated you can get.

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