Using Flashcards

Being a student is a challenging thing. One must remember so much information in such a short period of time. The information can be so varied as students need to master several subjects and topics in an academic year. It’s quite a struggle and we hear our students often complaining about it.

We always try to recommend a solution that might work best for them depending on their learning style and preferences. But we discovered that there was one solution that when used rightly, helped most of our students. The solution? Flashcards.

Flashcards can help you process a lot of trivial information in a short period of time in a fun and encouraging manner. They can be adapted to support gamified study sessions, which are one of the best ways to study.

With flashcards, the choice is up to you. You could go with paper flashcards or use an app on your preferred platform. We, as teaching professionals have tried several flashcard methods and we recommend the least time-consuming method i.e., using a flashcard app with an inbuilt database. This means that you necessarily do not have prepare every set manually and you do not have to type in a lot of information. There is another advantage with using apps as most of them use spaced repetition, a form of learning that is fast and efficient as flashcards are ordered according to how familiar you are with a card.

There are several apps available that you can choose from, but we highly recommend Quizlet, especially for GCSE students as it has a wide range of GCSE topics flashcards in its database. It is available as a web app and for mobile platforms as well, so that you can review them on the go.

Another great flashcard app with a huge database is Anki. It’s also full of features to boost your memory using algorithms. It shuffles the cards and repeats them based on how well you have been doing with each card. Anki is available for desktop, IOS and Android as well.

We look forward to reviewing more flashcard apps for our students soon. Have you tried a flashcard app? Email us your suggestions at