Best Educational Channels on YouTube

Most often when we don’t force ourselves to pay attention to something, we retain more information about that particular thing. Think about it. How come you remember most things in the newspaper article that you were casually reading than you remember from your Biology textbook that you were trying so hard to memorize? Human brains work in mysterious ways!

With our technology led age, textbooks aren’t the only place you can get your dose of education from. While parents might think you are wasting your time in front of your computer screens, there is a whole dimension of the internet that is anything but a waste of time. YouTube is a great example to showcase that you can learn many interesting things on the internet.

Below are our personal favourite educational YouTube channels and we think they are definitely worth checking out.

1) SciShow

If you want to get the latest science buzz and explanations into the most current phenomena happening in the world, SciShow is a great channel to follow! They provide an unbiased insight into the latest developments in the science community with great video content.

2) Crash Course

If you ever wondered how the smart people on TV know pretty much everything about everything, we think they watch Crash Course on YouTube. This channel is brilliant to get your dose of knowledge on so many different ranges of topics and not limited to just Maths or Science.

3 ASAP Science

This channel has got detailed explanations of various scientific things just like most other channels out there but their style of presentation is quite unique. With a hand drawn like imagery, their videos are very fascinating and do make you feel like you have learned something new today.

4) Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

One of the most vivid and detailed explanations into all things Science…is a great way to introduce anyone to this channel. It is a German channel but the videos are in English and are actually fun to watch. The level of explanation might not be suited to young students but most students beyond ages 13 should be able to grasp most of the content.

5) Mental Floss

The speed at which trivia is thrown at you might leave you dizzy but if you want to know some of the most interesting facts about a particular topic, this channel is epic. Geography to History to Culture to Popular Science. They’ve got it all!

We’re pretty sure there are so many other great channels that our list doesn’t cover, but we believe true joy lies when you discover amazing things by yourself. So, go out there and check out other amazing educational YouTube channels.

If you’ve found a truly amazing one and you think everyone should know about it, drop us an email at and we will feature it.