Review Time : Todoist

Students are in a constant mode of trying to meet deadlines. They need to get several things done on a daily basis and would benefit from a to-do list system to get their life sorted.

Hence, we present our review of the Todoist app, a reliable way to manage your daily tasks.

The Todoist app has a relatively simple interface and is packed with features. The user has an option to categorize their tasks according to the nature of the task i.e., work, personal, school, shopping, home etc.

You can also categorize your tasks using the three priority levels. This enables you to decide the order in which you need to be working on your tasks. The tasks can be dated, so you can surely add tasks that need to be done tomorrow or any day in the week.

The best part about the app is that it is available on several platforms. Whether you want to use the app on your laptop or your tablet or your phone, the choices are plenty. You can have this app installed on both your phone and your computer, so that you can update your to-do list at all times. The app is free to use with few features that require a purchase. However, the free version is just as good as most to-do list apps on the market and it does the job.

We highly recommend you give this app a try, especially if being more productive is one of your resolutions for the New Year. On that note, we wish you and your family a very happy new year!


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