Review Time : The History of Everything

Learning about something that happened a long time ago can be boring for many students. Just by looking at the number of books you need to read for your history class, you can be intimidated. But at the same time, knowing what lead life on Earth to be the way it is now is crucial.

Lucky for us, books are not the only source of knowledge anymore. You can learn so many things, in this case, about history, from anywhere you prefer. There is an app for everything these days, and we found one to learn history as well.

The History of Everything app was actually inspired by videos of Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell (we previously reviewed it here). The app reflects the inspiration in the way it looks and draws your attention.

What the app gives you is a vertical timeline of the history of events right from the Big Bang to few monumental events in modern history. The events are divided into three categories i.e., Birth of the Universe, Life on Earth, and Common Era. Ofcourse, it doesn’t cover ALL the events that took place in history but covers the most crucial ones that you need to know.

While browsing the timeline, you can click on a particular event that interests you and you can read in detail about it. It also covers few historical figures and their contributions to our history such as Marie Curie, Martin Luther King. So, you can look at what point of history did they come to life and what they did.

Overall, this app is a beautiful presentation of history with eye catching animation that does a great job of instilling curiosity in young minds. We highly recommend you give it a try and get informed!


Available on:

Android | IOS