Review Time : Grammarly

Some assignments are meant to test your knowledge. Some are meant to test your ability. Some meant to test your creativity. But most assignments are meant to check on one thing in common i.e., your linguistic competence.

Whether you are an English speaking native or not, making sure that your assignment has no spelling or grammatical errors is a major priority. However, it is not always easy to manually screen every line for errors. That is where Grammarly comes into play.

Grammarly has been around for quite some time and still proves to be one of the best productivity apps for students. Irrespective of their study level, students can make use of Grammarly to make sure their written work is free of grammatical errors. It checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and style errors.

The best part about Grammarly is that it works around you. You get to choose from several options i.e, British or American English, Formal or Informal writing style. You can have the app running in the background so that it corrects while you are writing. If you find it distracting, you can run the Grammarly check at the very end, after you have finished writing your draft.

There is a premium version, which allows checking for complex writing errors. But the free version is very apt for school essays and assignments and it does the job. We highly recommend having this app as a Word add-on in your arsenal of tools to tackle written assignments. It not only lets you submit your work with confidence but also takes the work out of proofreading.


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