Review Time : Notebloc

With several notebooks full of important notes, revising can be a real chore. What about those precious minutes you spend waiting outside a test hall before the test? You'll be turning crazy amount of pages to get to that one diagram that you need to take a last look at.

With the ease of paper note scanning apps, things have changed. Of the many such apps available, we'll review Notebloc today. It available both on iOS and Android, so that a yay! Its very easy to set up and start using, as we tried it ourselves. It's got a simple overview menu and the user interface is friendly as well. No bizarre or unnecessary features to throw you off your productivity track. Scanning your notes is not a hassle as it easily detects the corners of a page.

It offers a certain sophistication to organising you notes on your phone/tablet that you wouldn't get by just taking photos of your notes. You can organise your notes into specific folders, so that you don't end up with a bunch of scrambled notes in your device gallery.

Notebloc does auto-correct how your notes look at the end. The end result of the notes definitely looked more crisper compared to an ordinary snap of the notes.

So, give it a try yourself. With the new school year having just started and notes pouring in from all sides, its a perfect time to add this to your note management strategy.


Available on Android |iOS